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Terms of guarantee of bathroom accessories
Haceka BV
PO Box 83
3800 AB Amersfoort

Acc Sanit/ haceka S.A.S.
CRT N3 De Lesquin,
Rue de Fort, F-59273 Fretin

Haceka GmbH Badausstattung
Junkerstrasse 13-17
32257 Bünde

1.The period of guarantee on Bathroom accessories will remain in effect resp. 3, 10, 12 years after the purchase date. Always work completely according to the manual during installation. The guarantee applies when there are demonstrable faults in the material, manufacturing mistakes as far as these can be put down to the product.

2.All defects caused by chemical influences, transport, normal wear, connection to an unsuitable power outlet, installation errors, and incorrect use or repairs, are not covered by this guarantee. Defects caused by damages as a result of natural disasters (like floods), fire, lightning, accidents, corrosive environment, or other circumstances outside the reach of Haceka, are also not covered by this guarantee. The guarantee claims are only limited to delivery of replacement of the product.

3.If you want call upon this guarantee, you need to go to the store where you bought the product. Only the store can return the product, providing you submit the original purchasing receipt.

4.A valid claim has to be made, within two months after discovering a fault, or should have been discovered by you within reason, at the store where the product was bought.

5. The guarantee applies to the following collections:

Allure (10 year)
Aspen (10 year)
Ixi (10 year)
Kosmos (10 year)
La Ronde (10 year)
Mezzo (10 year)
PRO2000 (12 year)
PRO3000 (12 year)
PRO4000 (12 year)
Standard (10 year)
Twinkle (3 year)
Viero (10 year)
Silence (10 year)

6.This guarantee applies not excluding all other rights or claims that the buyer is entitled to according to law.