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Assortment of taps

Taps give the bathroom a special appearance. It is therefore important to match the styling with the style of the entire bathroom. The Kosmos and Mezzo series provide a complete assortment of taps, shower sets and accessories. Chrome is the most popular finish for taps. It fits all different types of styles, is easy to clean and has a slightly reflective effect. Next to that you can also choose mat chrome, a nice stainless steel finish. This finish will give your bathroom a stylish and modern accent.


What to consider when purchasing?
To prevent unpleasant surprises during mounting, we will first tell you what to focus on when buying a tap.

Taps and ceramic
When you buy a tap you should make sure the tap has ceramic discs. It is also important that the tap is suitable for the washing basin or the bath. Many washing basins have already been equipped with one hole. In this case you also need a one-holed mixer tap.

Mezzo tap


Ceramic discs
When the description of the tap says that the interior contains ceramic discs, this refers to the sealing mechanism. These days this is standard in modern taps. Leather washers are still being used in older tap types. The advantages of ceramic discs are that the taps can be closed with one turn, the chance of dripping is very small, and the taps have a longer life.


A perlator is a mouth piece for taps. These are also called aerators. This ensures that air enters the water so that less water is used in a certain period of time. The air also ensures that the jet of water maintains its pressure and therefore stays adequately forceful. All Haceka taps are equipped with a perlator. A perlator with an anti-scaling system is only available in Mezzo and Kosmos bath-shower-mixer taps. Scaling can be easily removed by hand with this perlator.


Mechanical plug
All Haceka washing basin taps (high and low) are provided standard with a mechanical plug in the same design. A mechanical plug is a mechanism that can be used to close the drain of the sink. You can easily install the mechanical plug with to supplied instructions.


For extra safety and comfort Haceka has thermostatically controlled taps. This quickly and continuously gives you the desired water temperature. Moreover, you can open and close the water supply with one simple turn. Undesired temperature and pressure fluctuations are quickly compensated, for example when somebody else in the house turns on a tap. Haceka's taps are designed with temperature blocking. This means the temperature cannot simply be set higher than 38 degrees Centigrade. In addition, the thermostatically controlled taps save energy and offer extra safety to children and older people.
Strikingly inconspicuous is the shower to bath tap switch. Normally this is a highly visible push-button, but Haceka has neatly concealed it.

Before you start mounting the tap, it is best to have Teflon tape or plumbing hemp at hand. Also keep a thermometer nearby to measure the water temperature.

Haceka supplies S-joints for taps that need to be mounted to the wall. With these the taps can be placed completely horizontally. Please make sure to use a piece of cloth when tightening the nuts. Otherwise you will permanently damage the tap nuts.

Chromed accessories will shine again when cleaned with a sponge, a mild detergent solution, and a soft piece of cloth. To get rid of water stains you can use a cleanser with a basis of vinegar or citric acid. Do not use corrosive chemicals and scourers.

When installing a thermostatically controlled shower tap, it might be best not to install the tap below the shower set, but next to it. This way you will be able to turn on the tap without getting wet.
Haceka's kitchen taps are designed with an extendible hand shower With this you can easily fill a bucket, do the dishes or rinse vegetables.