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Shower cabin range


Taking a shower is becoming more and more popular. The average person showers more frequently than ten years ago and considers a comfortable shower cabin more important than ever. The quality and innovative design of our shower cabin will be an asset to your bathroom. Shower cabins come in many shapes and sizes, from corner riser showers with fixed panel and pivot door, to extra space-saving quarter circular cabins. In addition you can choose between doors for a recess, walk-in shower or even for the edge of the bath. Whatever your shower requirements, at Haceka you will always find the perfect solution.

Generally speaking shower cabins are easy to install if you follow the instructions in the leaflet provided. All shower cabins are manufactured from safety glass. In the event of a breakage, there will not be any dangerous shards and injury will be prevented.


Quality guarantee
A quality shower enclosure must withstand frequent opening and closing, the glass must be strong and the panel should not rust quickly. European standard EN 14428 guarantees the quality of shower panels. The manufacturer may place a CE mark on new products that meet the standard. This mark of quality also sets standards for the ease the cleanability, durability and fracture behaviour of shower panels. All Haceka shower cabins carry this CE mark, so you can be certain that you are buying a quality product.


Use a wiper to dry the glass panels each time after showering and dry the profiles with a soft cloth. This will prevent lime scale and dirt accumulating on your shower cabin. However, if scale does develop, you can only remove this with special acidic cleaning fluids such as cleaning vinegar. Caution: these cleaners can damage the lacquer on the aluminium profiles. So rinse well after use. Scale will not accumulate on the outside of the profiles. We do not therefore recommend cleaning the outside of the shower cabin acidic cleaning fluids. Do not use abrasive materials to clean your shower cabin, use a diluted mild soap solution.