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Assortment of infrared panels

The Sonora infrared panels are not only a technical tour de force. They are beautiful, trendy and decorative as well. You would hardly recognise them as a heating system! High tech with a wireless thermostat, that is very easy to use. The additional advantages of this system: no movement of dust (very pleasant for people with contact lenses, allergies or asthma) and a homogeneous humidity of the air.

The way it works
In infrared heating the heat is primarily emitted to objects and secondarily to the ambient air. Heat always flows from high to low temperatures. The heat transmission from one point to the other takes place through conduction, convection or radiation. The driving force here is the difference in temperature. Heat transmission by convection and radiation can be applied for heating a certain space. In convection air is heated. The warm air flows through the space and in that way heats the whole area. Contrary to convection, in heat transmission through radiation there is no other matter needed. That is why in infrared heating the heat is primarily emitted to objects and secondarily to the ambient air.

Advantages compared to heating with radiators

Infrared radiation

The convector heats the air resulting in an airflow
The infrared radiation first directly warms all objects and people. The air gradually absorbs warmth from walls and objects. No airflow is created

The air temperature has to be higher to compensate for the effects of the non-isolating function of the air flow.
The still air functions as a good insulation layer around people. The air temperature can be lower than with flowing air.

The relative humidity is not stable
The relative humidity is stable

Loss due to ventilation is higher with respect to infrared radiation
Loss due to ventilation is lower with respect to convection.

Installation with pipes and mounting sets
Simple to install. Mount and insert the plug in the wall socket. No connecting of pipes etc.

Heating of a certain zone possible. If you want to heat your working area, you need to place the panel above your working area. The ideal temperature will be reached in that spot, without heating the entire room.

 Sonora infrared panel
The heating panel includes the self-regulating thermostat. This means that the thermostat itself calculates how long it will take before the desired temperature is reached. When for instance, you set it to 20 degrees at eight o'clock in the evening, the heating might turn on as early as seven o'clock, depending on the heating time. The thermostat needs about two weeks to learn this behaviour. During this period it is important not to deviate from the program, because the thermostat will get confused. When the panel is turned on, the consumption is 450 Watts. After some time the panel will turn on less frequently and consumption will decrease with about 2/3.
Suitable for 27m3 or 9m2. But it is also possible to heat a single zone. In a study of 50m3 one panel above the desk can be enough.
The position of the panel is important. It is best to fix it to the ceiling. This way the panel can radiate its heat in the best way.

The panel complies with all legal requirements and even more. The panel has the Kema quality mark. This is a quality mark that is stricter than any legal requirements. You know you are buying safe product. The glass is safety glass, tested by British Standards. This means that if you break the glass, it will shatter into tiny pieces. This means you will not able to hurt yourself.

The panel has been tested according to IP54, this means you can also use the appliance in humid areas. In this case you need to install the panel 60cm away from the shower or bath and 5cm from the wall or the ceiling. This can be done by not screwing the screws all the way into the wall.
If you use zone heating it is important to place the thermostat within this zone to get an optimal result. Do not hang the panel near curtains. This could result in a fire hazard due to the high temperature of the glass.


Do not cover the panel with a towel or other fabrics. This could result in a fire hazard. Mind drops of water, they could burn into the glass. The panel is not suitable for installation above the washing basin. You can clean the glass plate with a soft damp piece of cloth.

Turn the thermostat slightly lower. Barely noticeable in your home, but your electricity bill will be lower.
Lower the temperature half an hour to an hour before going to bed. By the time it will get noticeably colder, you will already be in bed. You can also do this when you leave the house for several hours.
Warming a dry house is less energy-consuming. Therefore you should air your house for 15 minutes every day. In this way you can get rid of humidity without too much loss of heat.
Never cover radiators, for instance with a towel. Not only is it a waste of energy; it is also a fire hazard with convectors.
You loose a lot of heat through the windows, especially if you do not have double glazing. Closing curtains keeps the warmth inside.
Place a letterbox with bristle, this keeps a lot of cold air outside.
Turn off the heating in rooms, you are not using that day.
If you have cold feet it is better to put on socks or slippers instead of turning the heat up.