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Assortment of heating accessories

From now on you can decorate your design radiators even more. What about a tealight holder in your bathroom? A surprising element that can be easily attached to any radiator. In addition, Haceka has a lot of other surprising heating accessories on offer.
The Adoria Oase collection offers you all the accessories for your radiators:

Design Radiator Accessories
Radiator Taps
Flow Tubes
Electric heating elements

Design Radiator Accessories

Would you like to make your radiator look nicer or add more functions? Do you have little space in your bathroom or toilet, and is it hard to a place for everything? Haceka hands you the solution with the design radiator accessories. For example, attach a toilet paper holder to your radiator or a rack to dry your towels. This way you do not loose the radiator's capacity, but your towels will dry and your bathroom will remain tidy.
For extra atmosphere in the bathroom or toilet there is the tealight holder and the magazine rack. There are, however, also handy solutions for other spaces, such as the unique umbrella stand. You attach it to the radiator and your umbrella will be dry in no time. All accessories fit to all radiators because of a unique mounting system.

Radiator Taps

You can choose from three kinds within this assortment: normal radiator taps, thermostatically controlled radiator taps and a tap stopper.

The tap is available as a perpendicular or a straight model. The perpendicular model is used when the pipe exit from the wall. When the pipes exit from the ceiling or floor the straight model is used. If a bend is required, it is made with pipes; the tap will be placed under the bend. The taps have a rubber washer which makes the use of teflon or plumbers hemp unnecessary.

Thermostatically controlled tap
These taps have a white cap and contain bi-metal in the head. This bi-metal measures the temperature in the surrounding area. When the desired temperature is reached, the radiator will be closed. It is also equipped with a handy antifreeze setting. The radiator will then only switch on when the temperature is at freezing point. This prevents unwanted problems of ruptured pipes or radiators.

Make sure that the know is not pointed upwards during installation. In this case the warm water will come into contact with the knob and that will influence the measurements by the radiator tap. The tap is available as a perpendicular or a straight model. When the pipes exit from the ceiling or floor the straight model is used. If a bend is required, it is made with pipes; the tap will be placed under the bend. Do not place a thermostatically controlled tap behind a curtain; the thermostat cannot measure the temperature correctly this way.

Tap stopper
To easily replace a radiator, a tap stopper can be easily used. You must have installed a radiator tap near the supply and a tap stopper near the return. Close both taps and replace the radiator without having to empty the entire system. Please take into account that the radiator is filled with water.

Flow tubes

The ideal connection of a radiator is with the supply on the upper side and the return diagonally on the lower side. For the models of Sahara, Gobi, Gibson, Namib, Sinai en Merzouga this is a requirement. These radiators do not have an internal system to direct the water. If it is not possible to create the ideal installation, you can use a flow tube. This is a copper tube which you insert in the radiator.

If you have bought the Sahara, and is it only possible to install the connector and the valve on the upper side. Please use a flow tube as, because only the upper side will warm up otherwise and the warm water will leave the radiator again. By placing a flow tube in the return of the radiator, the water is transported from the bottom to the top of the radiator. In this way the ideal installation for the supply on the upper side and the return on the lower side is realised.
Please make sure that the flow tube is approximately 5cm shorter than the length of the radiator. Otherwise you might hear the water flowing.

Electric Heating Elements

For spaces that are not heated by the central heating system, it is possible to electrically heat your design radiator with the Adoria Oase heating element. You might have a loft room or a conservatory that needs some extra heat.

radiator with water and optionally max 3% coolant (for instance) glycol. This is only necessary when the water might freeze. Do not add too much fluid because it will negatively influence the radiator's performance. Turn the element on after this and the radiator will heat up.
The table below indicates which element is suitable for which radiator.

Model Size in mm Color Element
Gibson 690x590 White 300 Watt
Gibson 1110x590 White 600 Watt
Gibson 1600x590 White 900 Watt
Sahara, Gobi, Sinaï, Namib, Gita 690x590 White, Black, Satin grey 300 Watt
Sahara, Gobi, Sinaï, Namib, Gita 1110x590 White, Black, Satin grey 600 Watt
Sahara, Gobi, Sinaï, Namib, 1624x590 White, Black, Satin grey 600 Watt
Gobi 1110x590 Chrome 300 Watt
Gobi 1624x590 Chrome 300 Watt
Merzouga 1200x500 SS 300 Watt